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The largest career community on the web, Glassdoor offers an inside look to jobs and companies all across the nation. The Eller College of Management has partnered with Glassdoor to give our students free access! Click below to explore:

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Career Search Websites

The Riley Guide: Self/Career Assessment Resources
Pool of various web sites that offer all areas of career development

Campus Career Center 
As a member you can apply for jobs, get info on companies, get job interview and resume writing tips. Also chat with communities to get answers to your question. 

Career Exposure 
Provides direct links to corporate Human Resource departments and job listings. Also offers a job and resume bank for students and employers. 

Career InfoNet 
The site provides detailed information about occupations, relocating, job search tips and links to job banks. 

Experience On-line 
A great resource for students and young professionals beginning their careers. Research companies, finding a job, and read about the latest workplace trends. 

Internet Career Connection 
A great source for career advice article, company and occupational profiles, and a career bookstore. 


Provides an international job search. It also offers specialized job sites for specific industries.

Connects you to UofA Career Services interview trak. 
Take your employment search downtown. Look for a job in your own backyard with the new local sites. 
Many resourceful articles and career book suggestions. The site also provides information regarding graduate school and college admissions. 
Find information regarding the low, median, and high base salaries of professionals in specific cities and occupations. 


Business Career Search

America’s JobBank 
A partnership between the US Department of Labor and the state operated public Employment Service. 

Best Jobs USA 

Employment search engine from the publishers of Employment Review Magazine. Access to the Best Jobs Database, listing thousands of jobs targeting a wide variety of industries. 

Career Builder Network 
A recruiting network with a mega-search engine that searches over 40 career sites and over 1,000,000 jobs and career news provided by 

Offers a career profile search by major. Also offers personality tests that will find the right career for your personality. 

Has separate searches for internships and full time positions. The site also has career research and advice.
Company reviews by recent job applicants, commenting on the interview and the culture of the organization. Insights into pay, pros and cons of working at a company. 
An interactive database for listings and locating job opportunities with America’s hottest companies. 

Quintessential Careers 
Career and job hunting resource guide. Links to "Ring of Employment" — links to other career sites. 

Wall Street Journal Careers 
Allows you to create your own CareerJournal homepage. You can also post your resume in the confidential resume database. Read articles about the workplace. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics 
The Occupational Outlook Handbook allows for the user to search specific occupations. The information provided describes the nature of the work, working conditions, training and other related occupation.


Job Outlook/Salary Survey

Once students have determined how to translate their interests and classroom knowledge into a specific career, they need to determine the necessary steps to obtaining an entry level position in this industry.

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